Opa From Greece With Love Easter Special KCAL FM 04 23 11

Tikanese and yasou y'all just wanted to wish you a Kalo Pascha and to wrap up our Easter month long observance with our Easter Special. From St Sophia Cathedral here in the City of Angels, Los Angeles comes the Dean of the Cathedral Fr. John Bakas as he shares with us the true meaning of Megali Edomada or as we call it here in the West Holy Week. We also present to you one of my favorite hymnals from the Byzantine period Megali Pareskevi the hymn of the Myrrh Bearers from the Good Friday Lamentations. We wrap it up with a surprise that to some may seem curiously not appropriate but is quite frankly a very appropriate way of sharing the joy of the season for with God there is always a reason even when we do not see it. Anyway wishing you and your family a Happy Easter and a continued blessed year in spite of the spike at the gas pump. Let go now and let God in the driver seat for the next 30 minutes.

God Bless,

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