Opa From Greece With Love KCAL FM 05 07 11

Tikanese and Yasou Y'all Zorba The Mad Greek here. When you were a kid didn't you just love watching those now classic Hanna/Barbera Cartoons. I remember one in particular and it wasn't Huckelberry Hound. Johnny Quest and that fantastic jazz underscore that made it the heart throb that continues today. Hoyt Curtin was the guy that wrote that fantastic score and we are proud to present samples of that soundtrack today and possibly into several more episodes to highlight the rich and universal appeal music has even to a young impressionable Greek American raised on Opa Ni Na Nai and the Syrtakis of Hadjidakis and Theodrakis. Also we continue with our weekly White House updates and our latest report on Greece's crushing debt. All this and AHEPA in 30 minutes. Can we do it? We did!

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