Tikanese and Yasou Y’all!" The Greeklish of Zorba The Mad Greek better known in real life as Ramsay Seikaly, with a hearty "Kalos Orisate" and a volcanic vocal outburst of Aegean pride.  This is the definitive radio experience that truly is the “theater of the mind”…not that music doesn’t help and a crazy of the wall sense of humor, that has left listeners young and old scratching their heads in a futile effort to comprehend what he has just said…”Was it just about the meaning life?  Or was it about life with meaning?” As Zorba The Mad Greek says, “to be a Greek is to know the answer before you ask the question.  Then go figure it out!” Live  from the Hollywood studios of the American Radio Network, every Saturday, from 12:00 to 12:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) where the art of the music of the Hellenes, meets the social science of the news of  the Hellenes:  broadcast on  KCLA-FM 99.3 and simulcast on in an unrehearsed and spontaneous free form style of radio news entertainment.   An eclectic mix of music and talk from both the Aegean world and the Greek diaspora; the best sounds peppered over lively topics taken from today's headlines, offering listeners a unique and exceptional perspective from a Hellenic experience, from a Hellenic viewpoint, from the Hellenic world to your world.